Can I Get Auto Insurance with a Suspended License?

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There are many reasons that you can have your driving license suspended. It might be due to a DUI offence (driving under the influence), it might be because you were talking on the phone, or if might be due to an unpaid ticket. The reasons are many and varied and they can depend on the […]

What Happens If Stolen Car Is Recovered After Insurance Company Pays Claim

Wisconsin Financial Services

Depending on the type of insurance policy you have taken out, the company you are working with, and their policy, there is a good chance that your vehicle will be insured against theft. This means that if someone were to steal your car from you, you would be able to get your insurance company to […]

How Much is Car Insurance for a 20 Year Old?

Car insurance is always more expensive for younger drivers. Younger drivers have less experience. They’re in a higher-risk class. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how much car insurance costs when you’re 20 years old. The Average 20 Year Old Pays About $3,800 Per Year for Car Insurance First, let’s get one […]

Should Newlyweds Combine Their Auto Insurance Policies?

When you first get married, chances are the one thing that you have not really thought about is car insurance. In fact, you likely did not even think about how being married can affect your car insurance premiums. However, after the wedding and the honeymoon one thing that you will want to add to your […]

Why It’s Smart To Reduce Insurance Coverage On An Older Car

When you’re looking for auto insurance savings tips online, you’ll see one tip that gets repeated frequently: if you own an older car, then you should reduce your insurance coverage. Many people know about this tip, but not everybody knows why or how to reduce insurance coverage on an older car. Today, we’re explaining why […]

How Long Does A DUI Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates?

A DUI is a charge for ‘Driving Under the Influence’. This essentially means that you have been caught driving over the legal limit after drinking alcohol. Undoubtedly, this offense can lead to a number of financial and legal consequences. As well as facing fines and a potential driving ban, you can also expect your auto […]

Is It Ever Worth It to Pay Out of Pocket Instead of Going Through Insurance?

Wisconsin Financial Services

You’ve been in an accident – but you’re not sure whether you want to make an insurance claim. Should you pay for your claim out of pocket and avoid your insurance company entirely? Or is this a bad idea doomed to cost you more money in the long run? Today, we’re explaining everything you need […]

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